19 May 2016

Not female, not pregnant...

...no word on ethnicity... I'm surprised it even made the paper...

He is the city's 30th murder victim of the year. Last year at this time there were 15 homicides in Toronto.
Whaddaya wanna bet this guy doesn't get a special press conference from the Chief of Police?


UPDATE: Murder Victim Id'd

And it sounds as though he was living on borrowed time...
Ramsey Whitefish, the city’s 30th murder victim of the year, was found lifeless in a pool of blood on Gloucester St. just after midnight Wednesday. Back on April 1, 2004, he was among a small group of friends partying in a Sherbourne St. apartment — a booze-fueled night that ended with the vicious killing of Mariana Ivancicevic.
Live and don't learn... and don't live.


Frances said...

John Tory is an idiot: "No baby should come into this world without a mother." - has he ever really looked at the reality around giving birth? There is a reason the Anglican Book of Common Prayer has "The Thanksgiving after Child-Birth". This is a rite at which the woman gives thanks for having survived child-birth, with varying prayers depending upon whether or not the baby survived also. A relic of the past, you say? Not so: one would be surprised at how many widowers there are coping with wee infants. On a like note, there are also far too many wee graves of infants who are either still-born or who die in the first few months after birth.

Anonymous said...

There is another way to look at the escallating hoodie violence in GTA - I heard Dennis Prager refer to inner city violence as being government subsidized crime - the reasoning being it's generally the result of welfare money going into drugs, guns and gangster culture trappings.

Maybe yes, maybe no , but in GTA one thing is sure, there is a increased illegal arms pipeline that is escalating the hoodie mortality rate, there was a time punks paid $1000s for a rusty old revolver, now these punks are using new unregistered Glocks and such as throw away guns, there must be lots of them around for that, - one might suggest NWEST take a prohibited weapons enforcement task force onto the reserve smuggler's lairs - but that would be profiling.

Neo Conservative said...

at $1100 a pop retail, trust me, no one is tossing away gen 4 glocks.

most of these assholes still buy shitty saturday night specials and are lucky not to blow their own dicks off when they tuck them into the waistband of their way-cool saggy pants.

curious how many of these thugs are on their third conviction for illegal guns... perhaps, instead of coddling these thugs, we need to start enforcing existing laws.