25 May 2016

Kathleen Wynne's Ontario

$6,000 in legal bills... and that's after the charges were dropped...

Investigator log books revealed in court detailed how the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources launched a five-day stakeout as part of their investigation of Tijssen.

That included one investigator who hid in a tree house with night-vision binoculars and a camera.
Turns out, according to the Ontario government... Major Mark Tijssen just worships the wrong Gawd.


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LAST WORD: All those billions from the Feds...

...apparently they don't count...
TORONTO -- Ontario has pledged to spend $222 million over three years to improve health care for First Nations, especially in the north where aboriginal leaders declared a state of emergency because of a growing number of suicides.
Just something to think about as you're sitting there in the Emergency Room for six hours.


Neo Conservative said...

a little more info...

"One can’t help wondering: Does the MNR really want compliance with the law, or trophy convictions to terrorize other unwitting citizens?"


Bill Elder said...

Glad you posted these items Neo, because they contain in a capsule, all that is wrong with and ultimately will destroy, Ontario.

It's all there: over regulation and abusive politically-motivated enforcement, polarizing politics which makes a neighbor a quisling stoolie for the stazi, industry insider protectionism through price fixing marketing boards and elimination of competition or consumer self sufficiency by micro managing commodity sources, trigger-happy zealots in redundant regulatory enforcement jobs trying to make their way up the ladder with convictions/fines from the litany of victimless non-crimes on the books.

Wish they were this worried about the contamination of food when the Liberal patrons in Maple Leaf were poisoning scores of people with "certified" food.

Neo Conservative said...

a five day, apparently round the clock surveillance of a citizen who chose to slaughter his own meat.

maybe we should assign the ministry of natural resources personnel to anti-terror ops.


Anonymous said...

"maybe we should assign the ministry of natural resources personnel to anti-terror ops.

Well, the MNR have been deployed by Dolton McChimpy as goons to spy on farmers who were hiding a politically incorrect sheep - I tell ya in this political gulag of Ontario the greatest crime is not breaking the law it's defying the authority of the god-kings in Toronto. If you cross them by avoiding their food commodity price fixing agencies and deal directly with consumers who raise their own raw food, prepare to be gooned, spied on, harrassed, threatened, broken into, have your property stolen and be told "its the law"


Neo Conservative said...

sadly, the low information voters in ontario continue to vote liberal.

you truly do get the dictatorship you deserve.