16 May 2016

Enough is Enough!!!

Toronto Homicide Squad starts rounding up local farmers, hunters and target shooters...another body dropsThese folks just seem to have the worst luck in the world...

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One man has been transported to hospital after being shot in the head in the city’s Jane and Finch neighbourhood Thursday night.

It happened in the Driftwood Avenue and Yorkwoods Gate area at around 10 p.m.
The hits just keep on comin'.


LAST WORD: Like the old joke about...

...the importance of knowing who the bride is at an Irish wedding... (spoiler - she's the one you don't wanna punch in the face)... Toronto police Chief Mark Saunders has a special press conference to remind urban gangbangers that they should only be murdering non-pregnant women.

Call me old-fashioned, but doesn't EVERY LIFE matter?


Anonymous said...

old white guy says..........you do know what i will say about the child surviving.

Neo Conservative said...

i have a paramedic friend who could write a book about the never-ending homicides in toronto's "northwest" end.

it was bad enough he started wearing a kevlar vest at work.


Bill Elder said...

Toronto really doesn't give a fxxk about these areas or it would not allow the gangs to rule there.