06 May 2016


"This technology sounds awesome. Let’s protect the president with it immediately."
Bonus Round:
"When an obviously mentally disturbed person identifies themselves as Napoleon you do not help them by treating them like an emperor of France."
Done and done.


Bill Elder said...

Obammy will be just a hazy bad memory in 5 years time - an experiment in MSM joining the ruling class and installing a puppet leader who will rubber stamp every UN-Wall Street policy without care for his countrymen or constitution.

President Trump will have to heal and regenerate the nation after almost 2 decades of partisan-ruling class polemics.

A good sign was a quick look I had at this years national press club dinner between the pandering Journo-list and their trained seal Obammy - it was like a funeral - even the stand up comic they had there ripped on them about no one buying newspapers or watching Network news unless they want to see themselves in the latest riots.

True hope and change is on the horizon - if Trump can outwit his assassins.

Neo Conservative said...

i find it encouraging that people seem to be breaking that circle of apathy that has descended on modern politics.

a first step.