15 July 2012

When politicians go rogue

Just something to think about while you're signing that horrendous municipal tax cheque...

"They want to go out and spend half a million dollars on a case that we’re going to lose. That’s what the solicitor was telling us, up to half a million dollars. You don’t get into a fight that you know you aren’t going to win."
Buck up, Toronto... think of all the crime you'll be... wait a minute... here's a golden opportunity.

Let's ban matches & disposable lighters...
In total, Mr. Poirier was hit with nine charges on Monday. Charges from the most recent fire on Sackville Street include various arson charges and attempted murder.


Frances said...

I take it Toronto City Council would never invite Susan Nattrass to speak.

Neo Conservative said...

apparently stopping the various violent incarnations of drug posse... is only possible by cracking down on farmers, hunters and skeet shooters.

go figure.


jwkozak91 said...

Mass shooting in Scarb-eria tonight Neo. It's apparently bad enough to be headline news out here in Edmonton.

Neo Conservative said...

"jwkozak91 says... Mass shooting in Scarb-eria tonight Neo"

yeah... stand by for breaking news on gravity holding shit down.

seriously though... the real surprise is that a firefight breaks out at a 200 person street-party and only two people die.