30 July 2012

More rainbows & unicorns at the G&M

I seem to vaguely recall a distant era when "professional" media organisations were content to simply report the news... instead of routinely inserting their particular bias...
big bad wolfWow... looks like that unrepentant, tea-baggin' neo-con Romney is ready to jump off (or speak harshly, anyway) to our Muslim broth... wait a minute...fluffy, fuzzy bunnyI guess it's true... you can't fool all of the people... all of the time.

But that doesn't stop them from trying...
yes... we think you are all morons**********

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How about Canada actually moving to deport a man who murdered a child?

"'Beyan Dunoh Clarke points out that hundreds of thousands of people have been killed in Liberia, whereas he has only killed one Canadian. Therefore, on balance, he should be allowed to stay in Canada,' Justice James O'Reilly said in summarizing one of Clarke's main arguments."


Rich said...

As some comments have so brilliantly stated..."Boo-Hoo" to the Pal's.

Neo Conservative said...

amazing how gullible the professional journalist community can be.


CJ said...

Yes, the federal government has actually been deporting some criminals since the Harper Conservatives took over. It's been happening semi-under-the-radar across the country. When somebody tells you "They're all the same", here's some actual evidence that they're not.