21 July 2012

Just something else to think about...

...as you're signing that rather opulent municipal tax cheque...

"In Toronto, nobody gets kicked out of social housing for bad behaviour – not even for criminal activity, or owning a gun. With 164,000 tenants, Toronto Community Housing is the second-largest housing provider in North America."
Obviously though, according to yet another man with his hand in your pocket... it's just not enough...
“I think we need to take a pause and ask ourselves what more we might do,” Premier Dalton McGuinty said during a news conference Thursday.
Hey, don't look at me... I didn't vote for him.


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Shortly before midnight, one victim suffered a gunshot in the upper part of the body, and another in the lower extremities while in a car near Black Creek Drive and Weston Road, paramedics say. They were found near Jane and Bloor streets and were transported to a local hospital.

Earlier in the evening, a man believed to be in his late 20s was shot in a separate shooting in the Jane and Finch area.

At around 9:45 p.m. Friday, police received a call about a man suffering from a gunshot wound to the head on Driftwood Court, near Jane Street and Finch Avenue West. The victim was taken to a hospital in life-threatening condition, and the area has been cordoned off for the investigation.

The Friday shootings were the fifth ones this week.

"Another suggestion I would have, if a youth is caught with an illegal gun, then try him in adult court with adult laws."

UPDATE: Arrest made in Danzig shooting
Police have arrested Archibald MacDougall of Forest Hill, er... Nahom Tsegazab, 19... of Toronto.

LAST WORD: Hang on a second...

...is this the same "community" whose most strident motto is apparently "stitches for snitches?"
"Leaders of Toronto’s African-Canadian community criticized all levels of government for what they say is a failure to include them in discussions of gun violence prevention."
And what brainstorm would the community be bringing to the table?
"Ms. Parsons said her legal clinic supports Mr. Vaughan’s proposed city-wide ammunition ban. The proposed law would ban the sale of ammunition within city limits."
Why, yes... I was in a Scarborough Canadian Tire Store just the other day when one of the Galloway Boys walked up to the sporting goods counter, plunked down his Firearms Acquisition certificate and asked for a thousand rounds of 9mm ammo.


Anonymous said...

The Bloor West Village event is a little too close to home.

I agree with the suggestion, if you have a criminal record, no public housing for you.

Another suggestion I would have, if a youth is caught with an illegal gun, then try him in adult court with adult laws. If you are man enough to carry an illegal gun, you are man enough to face adult court. No more of this youth offender coddling anymore.

Gerry from GTA

Neo Conservative said...

"gerry from gta says... If you are man enough to carry an illegal gun, you are man enough to face adult court."

i would amend that to if you "are cowardly & brazen enough to carry an illegal gun" as there is nothing manly about shooting into crowds of bystanders... but I agree totally with the sentiment.

the young offenders act has only served as a soft apprenticeship for further criminality.


Neo Conservative said...

memo to ms parsons & the other leaders of toronto’s african-canadian community... maybe the community are already helping enough...

TORONTO - Toronto cops have uncovered an ingenious North York spy ring in which criminals use single-moms equipped with walkie talkies to keep track of police.

“By the time we turn the corner to go north on Jane from Finch, the drug dealers know we’re coming,” one officer said. “These people sit there all day long and watch for our vehicles.”


jwkozak91 said...

"Black Creek Drive"? Raaaccciiisssttt!

Although, here in Edmonton, we have both Blackmud and Whitemud Creeks.