03 July 2012

Ixnay on the Urdermay

Toronto police Chief Bill Blair says that the city remains a safe place to live, despite an increased number of shootings throughout this year. “There were no murders this weekend, there were a number of shooting occurrences,” he said.
Not to put too fine a point on it, Chief... but "no murders this weekend" just seems to fall a little short of where you should be aiming.
As of July 3, police say there have been 131 shooting occurrences since the start of the year.
"Shooting occurences," huh? That sounds so much nicer than, well... "attempted murder." Puts me in mind of the Obama Whitehouse outlawing the use of the word "terrorist."
Compared to the same time last year, that’s an increase of 29.7 per cent.
Apparently, though... it only counts if those bullets kill you.
Blair said police are concerned about the increased number of shootings, but he said there has been “no great spike” in the number of people who were injured or killed in those incidents.
Which probably isn't much consolation to the 13 year-old boy who took one in the head during that double homicide at the Eaton Centre the other day.

So remember... stay low, run fast... and for gawd's sake... remember to zig-zag. Thank goodness for all those dumb bangers who get their firearms training courtesy of Vin Diesel & Cineplex... and just as importantly... the expertise of Toronto's highly skilled ALS paramedics.


UPDATE: Oh Chief... say it isn't so
Two Toronto men are in hospital after a pair of shootings hours apart.

Police say a man was shot in the east end around 11 p.m. Sunday, blocks away from where a Canada Day fireworks display took place earlier that night.

Police say another man was wounded in a separate shooting two hours later (near Keele Street and Finch Avenue West) in the city's northwest.


Pissedoff said...

Obviously this dumb liberal twat doesn't realise it is those stray bullets that kill innocent bystanders. And he is the police chief, dumb as a bag of hammers. Just like Fantino and the OPP.

Neo Conservative said...

it's all politically correct, orwellian yip-yap these days... like when more shootings = less crime.

the politicians & media insist on it... i guess chief blair doesn't wanna be left out in the cold.