26 July 2012

Pic of the Week

Solving the terrible scourge of inner-city homicide & mayhem...

ask a politician

"After a public shooting that left two dead and 23 injured, the City of Toronto is offering Danzig Street residents free media training."

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on second thought, libby... don't use your wordsSome nights my biggest fan drops by simply to call me "faggot"... very often accompanied by lurid descriptions of sexual acts. Other times it's an incomprehensible religious screed.

Yet I'm sure in his heart of hearts, Libby considers himself a compassionate, intellectual human being. It's actually quite sad.


Anonymous said...

The majority of people know that the issue is a weak Immigration Policy coupled with the decade of Liberal Welfare hand-outs so chidlren and have children and be raised by the State in Government housing.
Cut-off the FREE food and money , and you cut off the flow of dead beats and drug pushers that come to canada as "Tourists" , and then don't leave.
They make "Refugee" claims and stay here for decades and bilk the system. The latest scam is the ROMA Gypsy thieves in the guise as Refugees to get our Welfare and continue their trade of stealing from store and people.

Anonymous said...

"Free Media Training"
Hmm Media is trainable?
I would have thought body armour and using available cover to avoid being shot while drinkin' up the "free" Scotch would be a must have.

Neo Conservative said...

"anon says... drinkin' up the "free" Scotch"

well, it's actually cognac... a drink these self-imagined lords of scarborough feel befits their rank in this taxpayer subsidised camelot.

money for nuthin'... chicks for free.