25 July 2012

I don't get it

Why be all "Big Brother" and bend people over... when, instead... Councillor Adam Vaughan can simply announce a ban on guns & bullets?

-- TORONTO -- “The search is going to be by the organizers, not the police,” Dr. Dhun Noria, acting chair of the Toronto Police Services Board said, adding organizers are entitled” to take “a precautionary action so that unsavoury people don’t get in.”

About 600 “Caribbean-friendly” security staffers with reggae and concert event experience are being hired, but their ranks will vary based on crowd size.
Just curious... but does anybody remember any "Mick-friendly" security staffers at the Toronto St Patrick's Day parade?


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...says it... it's not racist profiling...
racist or cautious and prudentTry imagine the shitstorm if Mayor Ford had said this...
“The evidence is showing, basically, that these shootings are at gatherings like this,” said Alvin Curling, a former provincial politician who co-authored a task force on the roots of youth violence. “If one has to single out a group where certain things like this are happening, I don’t think that’s wrong.”


Anonymous said...

well said....

Al the Fish said...

And I guess there's also zero possibility then there are no gang-friendly staffers within the ranks of those Caribbean-friendly. You know, flashing a certain gang sign won't get you an instant pass through the gun and weed inspectors.

/sarc off

Neo Conservative said...

"al the fish says... gang-friendly staffers"

reminds me of the old saw about the dog who chases cars... and what he would do if he actually caught one.

say an unarmed "caribbean-friendly" security guard comes across a bunch of armed bangers. what does he do then... besides maybe running for his life?

this is exactly why we have an armed police force... which, apparently... we're not allowed to use in certain sensitive circumstances.