17 July 2012

Airbrushing the Politburo

Step one... ignore any actual pre-existing evidence that doesn't support your "buy the world a coke" narrative...a lie is a lieStep two... find a gullible "professional" reporter... and feed them all sorts of rainbows & unicorn farts...
"Shannon Longshaw, a resident of the public housing complex, said she helped organize the party that was to be held in the afternoon and was not meant for adults."

“'It was for the kids,' she said, fighting back tears."

"Longshaw said other tenants chipped in, supplied food and ran activities for area kids."
Sure thing, Shannon... this was obviously all about face painting, egg tosses and three-legged races... no matter that this little "community event" had been advertised on Twitter for some time previous to, including right up to... the very moment shots rang out...
a lie is a lieBut, hey... don't tell that to a "professional" journalist.


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This was merely a community barbeque... ask City TV...
"The mayor visited police at the scene of the shooting and said he was bothered when he saw shell casings and discarded objects on the ground."
Apparently, though... not everybody got the word to ixnay the lockobay...
The Mayor toured the site with a pair of detectives, a staffer and a uniformed officer. Afterward, he described it as a place of scattered empty cups, alcohol bottles and shell casings.
"Kid's party, kid's party.... nyah, nyah, nyah... I can't hear you."


FYI: What the hell is a blocko?
-- TORONTO -- Free block parties, or blockos, have been a part of the Toronto party scene for many years, say entertainers from the city’s black community. Calypsonian Dick Lochan, a.k.a. The Juiceman, said flyers are usually handed out to promote the blocko, which is common in some Caribbean countries like Trinidad and Jamaica.

“There may be a DJ or bands brought in to entertain the crowd,” he said. “The organizers can either make money through the sale of food, drinks or door charge.”

He said the blocko party takes place outside and continues all night. The organizers make money by selling mostly West Indian arts, foods and booze.
Remember, now... this was not a blocko.

This was simply a "community barbeque"... a kid's party if you will... that went a little, well... Khe-sanh.


UPDATE: SDA picks up the cudgel