20 July 2012

Let's gather up all those social workers...

...and perennial do-gooders and ask 'em to live in those "priority" neighbourhoods...

"I am not suggesting that the desire to own a gun is simply a form of penis anxiety. However, in a society where some men experience status anxiety because of social exclusion – perhaps due to racism or lack of economic opportunity – and where the culture has been significantly shaped by pistolization, then the gun becomes a vehicle for acting out."
Hang on a second... you shoot somebody... you're "acting out"?

Enough with the psychiatric argle-bargle. Could it be that these sociopaths, who've been brought up in a culture that devalues family & women... a culture that glorifies machismo at the expense of human life... are simply irreparably damaged and not fit to live in the larger field of folk? The madmen who commit these crimes are invariably hardened veteranos of the criminal justice system... who have repeatedly been through the court system and recycled back into society.

They are not innocent bystanders. They shoot innocent bystanders.

That doesn't seem to be how the lunatic left and the mainstream media see things. There is apparently no length to which they will not go... to rationalise this homicidal behaviour...
"If something goes wrong in a drug deal, if somebody steals your merchandise or poaches your customers, there is no formal legal recourse. You cannot call the cops. You cannot take somebody to court."

"So in order to participate in the illicit drug economy, the capacity to use violence is very important. Violence enforces market share. It ensures that informal contracts are honoured.
The "capacity to use violence", huh?

Yup, it's not a crime... just another entrepreneurial skill.


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...about to get excommunicated from Journo-Canadian community...
"'Profiling' is a taboo word for many, especially human rights zealots who equate 'profiling' with bullying or unfairly picking on a portion of the community. The last cop who identified a crime-prone group got reprimanded and demoted."

"A reality is that the groups for whom handguns are a factor of daily life are adept at profiling, and making targets of their enemies."

boringgggg....Yet another gem from my biggest fan, Liberal Supporter.

Hey, pal... you used two g's this time. I guess that's an improvement. As for your other little troll, I believe it's spelled "Heil" not "Hiel".

Just a suggestion, but I'm thinkin' you might wanna get somebody to proofread all your comments AND... while they're at it... all your tattoos as well. Baggie full of dope notwithstanding, those OCAP protest bunnies are lookin' to meet philosophers & intellectuals, right?


Anonymous said...

Just remember if you are a successful drug dealer.
With a bunch of addict customers.
You didn't build that!

Neo Conservative said...

if you follow the news about all of these recnt shootings... you'll notice that none of these guys is cherry.

a lot of the time they're fresh outta prison... with multiple (multiple???) lifetime firearms prohibitions.

the government has to ask itself... are you serious about preventing this type of tragedy from occurring over & over again?

it should be... use a gun, you're done.

first offense... five years.

second... ten.

hurt someone... twenty.

kill someone... life, no parole


Anonymous said...

No,no. You misunderstand. Just ask Adam Vaughan: it's rampaging gamgs of bullets roaming around the city that are causing all the trouble. Preying on poor, defenseless gansters and dealers, er, um, make that employment challenged victims of societal oppression who just happen to be packing at a "children's party" - it's time to end the grief caused by gun crime by closing our eyes and ears and pretending that we can best control it by going after those people who are not responsible.

Anonymous said...

Here Neo is a State that lowered it's crime rate.
You just can't argue with success.
Cheers Bubba