31 July 2012

Ask Adam Vaughan

step by step instructions

“If I’m doing something, target me. Punish me. But why are you punishing every farmer, hunter & skeet shooter, er... taxi driver? We are not the same, so why are they treating us the same?”


Anonymous said...

Councilor Vaughan or should I say Comrade Vaughan has an attitude that you should do what the state via councilors like him state -- sounds a little Soviet to me.

What happened to democracy, what happened to freedom of speech. Sounds like he is against that. Good thing there is an election in 2014. I think alot of the new NDP city councilors will not make it.

Gerry from GTA

Neo Conservative said...

why is it that only the pinkos get to make generalisations?

if it's wrong to do it in the case of taxi drivers... why is it okay to treat all firearms owners as a threat?