17 July 2012

As opposed to, say...

...a "responsible exchange"...

firefightSorry, folks... let's call this what it is... not an "exchange", but a full-on firefight...

-- SCARBOROUGH -- A barbecue ended in bloodshed as a reckless exchange of gunfire erupted in an east-end neighbourhood late Monday killing two people including a 14-year-old girl and injuring 22 others, including an infant.
But heck, look on the bright side... Toronto is, once again, number one...
The mass shooting, the worst in the city’s history, occurred around 10:40 p.m. during a “large” house party and sent a throng of people running for their lives from 193 Danzig St., just south of Lawrence and Morningside Aves.

Blair said “an altercation broke out among some individuals and there was an exchange of gunfire.”
You have a choice here, people. You can call this thing by its proper name... or you can be like mealy-mouth, painfully politically-correct Bill Blair... and label this outrageous travesty an "altercation" or "exchange"... you know, like an "exchange of gifts".

In my neighbourhood, an exchange doesn't come with a body count.


UPDATE: Say what you will about...

...Mayor Ford... he doesn't kiss up to the the MSM or the lunatic left...
Shortly after the deadly shootout at a crowded east-end house party, Rob Ford issued a statement expressing his anger and offering his condolences to the families of the two people killed and 19 others wounded.

“I am shocked and disgusted by this senseless act of violence,” the mayor said early Tuesday.

LAST WORD: Stand by for breaking news...

...on gravity holding shit down...
The area where the shootout happened in Scarborough is part of Toronto Community Housing.

Danzig Street is home to hundreds of people who live in community housing and were taking part in a street party.
"Community housing," huh? That'd be the place where all the "welfare recipients", er... community services clients live, right? Interesting how so many of the "professional" journalists skipped over that small detail.

So what's the deal here?
Gene Jones, president and CEO of Toronto Community Housing told reporters he said he doesn't have any magic solution, but finding jobs for disenfranchised youth could go a long way to keeping them out of gangs.
That's funny... we find jobs for people these days? So they won't shoot people? On what page of the Capitalist Pig manual did you find that little gem, Gene?

What you actually mean is make jobs up, right? How's that working out for you?
"Toronto politicians were shocked to hear the alleged Eaton Centre shooter had a City of Toronto job working with kids up until two weeks ago."
And, not to put too fine a point on it... where exactly do these destitute folks get money for massive block parties... not to mention guns & ammo?


Rich said...

There are no cultural aspects to this event as it clearly cuts across a broad strata of employment conditions.

Neo Conservative said...

ever wonder why people are increasingly turning away from newspapers and getting their current events from the blogosphere?

the globe & mail...

"Shannon Longshaw said the event started with a barbecue for her three young children and other neighbourhood kids who live around the Scarborough neighbourhood. She said there was face painting and other activities throughout the day."

five feet of fury...

"Who has a BBQ at 11pm on a Monday, and brings babies?"

"This year, the party featured Caribbean barbecue, jerk chicken, DJs and, according to partygoers, the promise of free Hennessey cognac, which drew people from as far away as London, Ont."


Anonymous said...

ever wonder why people are increasingly turning away from newspapers and getting their current events from the blogosphere?

But not this blog, you self aggrandizing oaf.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I figured it was a Jamaican party gone wrong even though I saw no photos which would pinpoint which people were having a party and the media won't tell you. Sorry to be racist, but let's face it, Toronto never used to have these problems before so many Jamaicans settled there and brought their gun-happy culture and let's-have-as-many-kids-as-possible-but-leave-them-to-the-mother-to-raise culture to town.

Neo Conservative said...

"nonny shrieks... But not this blog..."

that's funny, nonny... you manage to show up here every day of the week.

you're just pissed i don't let you spew your venom here all the time.


Martin said...

One might just want to ask Ms Longshaw in retrospect does she believe it a wise decision to have a block party with outside music on a working eve? There must be thousands of street parties in Canada, almost all do not begin on a Mon night and almost all do not include many young men carrying concealed weapons.

Neo Conservative said...

"martin asks... a block party with outside music on a working eve?"

well, martin... i'm guessing the residents of danzig st... a taxpayer funded "community housing" initiative... may not have the same career pressures as the larger field of folk.


Frances said...

Neo - two words: Calgary Stampede.

Neo Conservative said...

frances... what kills me (pun intended) about this whole thing is how the msm is doing somersaults to avoid the fact that this was not a childrens party but a well-planned west indian block party, apparently featuring 50 bottles of hennessey cognac (hence henny blocko).

in actual fact, this was simply another illegal enterprise hosted by the residents of welfare hellhole danzig st.

it apparently goes on all the time... you just don't hear about it unless they drop some bodies.

pointing this fact out will undoubtedly fall under the ever popular rubric of racism.

the fact is, toronto taxpayers, you paid the bill for this. and as they become more popular & numerous, the price will continue to climb.

or, i guess, you can pretend it was a kids party gone wrong.