04 July 2012

How many of your friends and neighbours...

...are overly concerned about the appalling lack of government-funded "political correctness" in their daily lives?

-- QUEBEC -- I don’t mind gay groups keeping a vast database of anonymously-reported homophobic thought-crimes if they feel that’s a productive use of their time. But it is preposterous that this sprawling directory of cobwebbed flamer cracks and swishy-gait titters will be publicly funded by taxpayers under the Qu├ębec Government’s “action plan for the fight against homophobia.”
Yeah... what could possibly go wrong?

Two words, folks.... Tawana Syndrome.


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...how people would react if, say... Barbara Bush or Queen Elizabeth decided to giddily announce to the whole world... "Me, yeah... I'm all about my vagina."

this is everything you need to know about me**********

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...to break up the country get to foot the bill...

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Al the Fish said...

I'm certain they will find every gun owner in Quebec is homophobic, a back door gun registry, so to speak.

Neo Conservative said...

i don't care what these peace moonbeams think... what i object to is having to pay for it.