24 July 2012

Da Childrun is r furcher

Thank goodness we have the Young Offenders Act...

Three teens admitted Tuesday to killing their aspiring rapper buddy by shooting him four times, stabbing him in the neck and dumping his bullet-riddled body into the Humber River. The trio, BA and DG, both now 19, and JA, now 17, pleaded guilty to second-degree murder.

Neither the murderers nor the deceased can be legally identified as they were all minors at the time.

liberal supporter again**********

LAST WORD: The Toronto Star said so...
"Everyone interviewed for this story said they did not see the gunmen."


Anonymous said...

But, to thier credit they have done a public service by removing one fellow criminal from the world.

jwkozak91 said...

Sorry Neo, it's the "Youth Criminal Justice Act" now. Chretien essentially gave the YOA a new coat of paint in the late '90s.

Anonymous said...

Why would the Crown accept a 2nd degree plea when the charges were originally first degree? Too bad capital murder charges are not an option any more. A long drop at the end of a short rope seems to be in order here.

Handguns in .25 caliber are banned outright yet these misguided lads managed to obtain one. I'm sure the Premier and Adam Vaughan won't be able to figure out why.

Aspiring Rappers have a high turnover rate in T.O. but I'm sure they all were in the process of turning their lives around and they loved their kids ( supporting them financially is another thing).

Carter Hall

Neo Conservative said...

"carter hall says... they all were in the process of turning their lives around"

it's simply amazing how many of these guys were on the verge of getting off u.i. and attending medical school.