02 July 2012

Hey, no biggie, right Sarge?

Those darn Canucks and their holiday weekend horseplay...
“It looks like it was a random round of gunfire from somewhere,” said Toronto Police Staff-Sgt. Ken Boyle, noting police don’t know where the shot came from. "Sometimes people just fire bullets into the air. Maybe someone was shooting at someone else and missed, but we’re not aware of that.”
So, another urban banger catches a stray round. I'm with Sgt Ken... hardly seems worth mention... wait a minute...
The TWO YEAR OLD, who was with her mom, had been attending a family barbecue and was dangling her legs out of the window of a parked car on Saturday night, near Keele St. and Sheppard Ave.
Greasin' toddlers, huh? There's something we don't see a whole lot of out here in cow country. Not to put too fine a point on it... hardly seems sporting.

Meanwhile, in other GTA news... there's that guy got dropped at yet another Canada Day celebration. Maybe we should be thinking about banning stat holidays, huh?

And hey, don't even ask about our sophisticated, metrosexual francophone neighbours.
"Montreal police spokeswoman Anie Lemieux confirmed a discovery was made in the park Sunday morning but she wouldn't say if it was a human head."
Bright lights, big cities... they surely have it all.


UPDATE: Calgary gets on the scoreboard
Gunfire erupted in a northeast eatery early Sunday, leaving one dead and three others injured. At about 2 a.m., cops were called to Basil Ultimate Pho and Fine Vietnamese Cuisine, responding to reports of several shooting victims.

Insp. Craig Skelton said it is not believed this was a random shooting, but it is unknown if there's a gang connection at this time.
Yeah... my money's on a bunch of outta-control skeet shooters.