27 June 2011

Yes, Peace Moonbeam... of course...

...because profiling terrorists is just so wrong.

-- (CNN) -- The Transportation Security Administration stood by its security officers Sunday after a Florida woman complained that her cancer-stricken, 95-year-old mother was patted down and forced to remove her adult diaper while going through security.


Anonymous said...

Like Ann Coulter says, there is only one race of people on earth that want to blow up airplanes.
Do they get a free pass from the "gropers"?

Neo Conservative said...

middle-eastern religious fundamentalist is a race?


Sixth Estate said...

"Like Ann Coulter says, there is only one race of people on earth that want to blow up airplanes."

As a Canadian you should know that statement is false. If not, do some history research.

Now, back on subject... it's an interesting Catch 22, isn't it? On the one hand, when you profile, you're a racist. On the other hand, when you randomly or universally screen obvious non-threats, you're a totalitarian pig.

Neo Conservative said...

easy enough to forget what actually has occurred in the past...

"Although there have been hijackings from 1931 to the present, their peak period was 1968-72 (see fig. 1). During that period there were 326 hijacking attempts worldwide, or one every 5.6 days. These included 137 attempts by individuals who boarded flights in the United States, or one such attempt every 13.3 days.

Newspapers, television, and other mass media constantly carried stories about aircraft hijackings, and it was often suggested that the motivation to hijack planes spread from individual to individual as a result of the media coverage. "

that being said... who is statistically most likely to be a threat to modern air travellers?

gonna go out on a limb here... and hazard a guess... it's not 95 year old anglo-saxon women.