25 June 2011

Not limited to leaders of political parties

Wanna have a transcendental moment... without the humiliating risk of being found naked in a Chinatown bordello? -- save a turtleIf there is a less offensive creature in the entire universe, I have certainly never crossed its path... so get out your wallet or chequebook & send these folks a donation...

-- PETERBOROUGH -- Without new funding, the Kawartha Turtle Trauma Centre may close by August.

"We're on the edge of bankruptcy," says Bob Geddes, a board member with the centre. --
Seriously... look at that face.

Do it now.


kursk said...

My brother works in a plastics foundry and was once called by a zoo to make a mold of a turtle shell to help fill a gap created when the poor beastie's shell was crushed!