24 June 2011

The sun is shining... the birds are birding...

...and I've just spent a few hours outside doing things mechanical.

Had to seal up a swing cylinder on the backhoe... it seems that plugging one leak... stabiliser cylinders... puts pressure on another component... stabiliser hoses... which in turn, pushes oil out a sloppily sealed swing cylinder.

Eventually, I should be able to tighten up the whole machine... but it truly is a process... a sort of "Zen and the Art of Machinery Maintenance" thing. Anyway, this is shaping up to be light blogging day.

Still have to change the engine oil & filter, the hydraulic & transmission filters and the gear oil in the diff. The hoe itself is pretty sloppy... but that's a rebushing, repinning job that's way beyond my meagre mechanical capabilities.

Blogwise... the only thing happening is my buddy nonny losing his mind over the Rob Ford/Gay Pride parade imbroglio.

I'm beginning to figure out why this guy is so obsessed. Apparently, ol' nonnymouse has some sort of homosexual fixation... and he's decided to share all his inner angst with yours truly. It's actually kind of sad how desperately he seems to crave my attention... not something that any amount of naked squirt-gun parade is likely to solve.

Anyway, thanks also, to everyone who has emailed me about nonny running around the intertubes pretending to be me. Just keep those cards & letters coming... impersonation is a criminal offense... and I'll be dealing with that shortly. Not sure what nonny thinks he's accomplishing here... besides revealing his own inner child.

Anyway... anybody knows anything about tractor or machinery maintenance... feel free to chip in here.

Now. where did I leave that grease gun?


Bob Devine said...

Excessive use of said grease gun when you find it will greatly lengthen the intervals between the bushing & pin labour intensive episodes. Have fun.