28 June 2011

In other "Crime is Down" news

-- NEWMARKET -- A York police officer, and father of two young children, was killed after being pinned under a van near Newmarket early Tuesday.

The unlicensed driver of the van, a 15-year-old boy, was also taken to hospital, and is in serious condition.
The Harper government wants to make some points with the people... they could do a total rethink of the "Young Offenders" legislation.

Max three years in juvie for murder?

It's not sending the right message.


Anonymous said...


Media still has it wrong - the max sentence under the YOA is correct but they will be going for an adult trial, if they can get it.

1st degree will be almost impossible to get but likely worth a shot depending on what the other kids in the car will say at trial.

Chances are this kid will plead out at 2nd degree and get a long stint.