11 June 2011

Barry... time for a domestic military surge?

Remember back... you were a kid... the local leisure spots resembled downtown Beirut? --
crime is down, huh?Yeah, me neither.

P.S. -- It ain't just the Big Apple.



My biggest fan, nonny... under yet another alias, has decided to ramp up the pseudo-adulation under another two personalities. I'll give you a whiff of the latest lunacy...

"No need to bring the military for a northern-Mexico style bloodbath."
Yeah... you caught me mid-pogrom, you genius. But please... feel free to share all your (cough, cough) theories about those "genocidal Mexicans."

But, c'mon... it's not really the Mexican military that's been getting all that ink this past week... is it?

Nonny also thoughtfully provides some documentation in the form of links to Wikipedia... which really... is simply too lame for words. Yet another shining example of the behavior of the compassionate, intellectual left.


LAST WORD: Let's look a little closer

The lunatic left always likes to trot out the "crime is down" trope. Of course, that overlooks the now infamous observation about "lies, damn lies and statistics".
It's true crime rates - crimes per 100,000 people reported to police, thus accounting for population growth - started falling slowly in the early 1990s.

However, crime rates have never returned to the far lower levels of the early 1960s. Today's crime rate is 131% higher than in 1962, the first year of comparable record-keeping.

Violent crime is up 316%.


Cytotoxic said...

What the hell? Crime is on the decrease. Why in the world would we ever want a domestic military surge; cops are already over-militarized enough.

Neo Conservative said...

not according to statscan, nonny.

"Both the youth crime rate and the severity of such offences are about 10 per cent higher than a decade earlier. 84 youth aged 12 to 17 were accused of homicide in 2006, the highest rate since data was first collected in 1961."

"The increase in the rate of youth accused of homicide parallels the increase in the rate of overall youth crime in the same time period, says the report."

so-called youth crime... particularly homicide... is spiking in canada.

you really think it's rosier in the usa? I'm guessing not.

and next time you see or experience a crime, you dumb bunny... try calling a social worker.

but hey, trollboy... thx for playing.