30 June 2011

Remember back... you were growing up...

...people used to club each other over the head... with babies?

-- Yeah... me neither....

A woman who allegedly used her little girl “as a weapon” has been located, Toronto Police said Wednesday.

The woman, who is about 30 years old, was on the TTC’s Dundas streetcar Friday when a brawl broke out, Const. Wendy Drummond said.

“There was an verbal altercation with another passenger, and the suspect swung the baby (who she was now holding) at the victim.”


kursk said...

The Dundas West streetcar route, from Dundas West Station, to just over the Viaduct, is crazy town for sure..passing through a whole lot of crazy from a whole lot of crazy neighbourhoods.

I have seen many a fight on them..no more violent than those that were started by out patients migrating North off of Queen street into Little Portugal.

maryT said...

Then there is the 20 something father who shoved his 4 yr old son out of the car into a catcus patch and left. Boy was found, and 500 spines were removed from his body. When the father arrived without the son a cousin called 911. Mother not around and kid has a stepmom.
Custody battle on July 7.
From theblaze.com
What kind of parents did these animals have.

Neo Conservative said...

the irony here is... the lunatic left wants to run farmers through the mill... folks who simply want a varmint rifle to keep coyotes off their livestock... but any crazy ol' junkie can go out and have a dozen born-addicted, brain damaged kids... and we just keep increasing their payday.

what's up with that, huh?


ebt said...

I read this story and I thought, "welcome to the club!"