21 June 2011

Never a "Queer against Israeli Apartheid"...

...around... when you really, really need one...

A girl of nine has told how she escaped Pakistani terrorists who tried to use her as a human bomb.

Sohana Jawed said she was kidnapped on her way to school in Peshawar, and forced to wear a remotely-controlled suicide jacket.
Here's what I want to know... a story like this hits the airwaves... where do all the people who are constantly shrieking about poor little child soldier Omar Khadr disappear to?


dmorris said...

I'd call the guys who did this to that little girl "a bunch of fucking savages" but I've been previously excoriated on the internet for using the term, "savages". The critic said,"how quaint".

So,at further risk of "quaintness", when they're encountered,these terrorists should be summarily SHOT,to death,without prejudice.

Allahu Akhbar.

Fucking savages.

maryT said...

Check out Iceman and a comment by your alter ego.

bigcitylib said...


Someone pulling a prank? Note the missing s.

bigcitylib said...

Note the missing s. Could be identity theft.

maryT said...

The missing S is not the only clue.
This is not the first time the alter/ego of Halls has done this. He has numerous errors.

Neo Conservative said...

forging comments & spoofing people's identities... that's just how the lunatic left rolls...

"Scratch a shrieking right whinger and find a douchebag praying for the big one so he can say 'I TOLD YOU SO'."
Posted by Moo Moo to halls of macadamia at 8:14 PM, December 27, 2010

Grow a pair and blog under your real name Nancy.
Posted by Johnny Boy to halls of macadamia at 8:16 PM, December 27, 2010

it didn't change anything then... why would it change anything now?

hey, bcl... you call this sort of dishonesty a prank? tells me everything i need to know about you.


bigcitylib said...

Please Neo, and MaryT, same thing has happened to me. I don't particularly like it, which is why I mentioned it to you. Also wondering if it was the same guy that did it to me. The comment by the pseudo neo at my site has been removed. And, yes Neo, its a prank but I am told its also illegal. I never bothered in my case if this guy is a chronic then at some point you might want to alert the authorites. If you ever need to switch jobs, for example. Having someone faking your identity to talk crap is not good for career prospects.

Neo Conservative said...

but biggie... who's forging comments and saying calling people... for instance... "nancy boys"?

well, that'd be your enlightened comrade-in-arms "zorpheus", right?

who are the conservatives who are pulling this kind of shit?


Neo Conservative said...


"bigcitylib says... Please Neo, and MaryT, same thing has happened to me."

the difference is, bcl... did you catch your nonny in the act? did you record him coming back... again & again?

my cyber-stalkin' shadow must've started to panic... the forged site you're referring to... well, surprise, surprise... it just suddenly disappeared.

unfortunately for nonny, the internet leaves a pretty good audit trail. fwiw... when i was in the business... we kept rotating tape backup on the shelf for seven years... i'm guessing the support guys at blogger, especially in a post-911 world, aren't any less conscientious.

more to the point.... let's see what rogers & the opp have to say to my biggest & most persistent fanboy.

so michael... i appreciate the sentiment... but you really wanna make a difference here... you start calling out the lunatics on your side of the fence.

it's what i've decided to do here.

and to my longtime netbuddy nonny, i say... yet again... you & me are one thing, gomer... but threatening my family... big, big mistake.

you called the tune, my friend... let's see how you can dance.