28 June 2011

My latest plea to the British Royal Family

Dear Liz... just another reminder, I'm still waiting for that compensation for my ancestors being chased out of the Scottish Highlands...

"Oliver blames Canada's experience with slavery for much of the black community's inability to support each other and for the stereotypes old-stock Canadians continue to show."
Uh, Don... does that include the guy who appointed you to the Canadian Senate?
"It really flows from the days of slavery . . . because of the slave mentality," he explained, when someone got ahead, they would get dragged down by the group."
And 140 years later, Mr. Cash for Life... that's on us modern-day honkies... how?


oxygentax said...


How about we treat all people equally and stop emphasizing differences between colours. Desegregation will happen naturally then.

Simeon (Sam) George Drakich said...

Get a life! So tired of people belly aching over the past how blacks were slaves.
Well buddy boy I'm Slavic which derives it's name from "slave" so you don't have first claim nor exclusivity to the whole slave thing.

Neo Conservative said...

i think maybe, you're still bitching about stuff that happened over a century ago... it's past time to move on.

and this guy is a "cash for life" appointee to the senate, no less.

let's drop all the politically correct belly-aching... and go with "one people... one law."


Neo Conservative said...


dear "skinny in toronto"... showing up here and calling me a dick does not constitute legitimate commentary.

like mr nonny... you're not welcome here and your nonsense will not be published.