03 May 2008


Canadian Cynic rallies the troops, er... Lindsay...

You probably remember Lindsay Stewart from such memorable hits as... eeeeewwwwww, really!?!?

Apparently, "P.S. Ape" also has mad legal skillz... as you can see here... in the comments...

"lindsay stewart aka 'pretty shaved ape' says... i think you'll have a hard time convincing a judge..."
Yessirree... that ol' Ape has got me on the run.
Yup, Lindsay... bet that smooth, uber-caring "progressive" personality of yours just drives the chicks wild.

But you're right... I'm not CC's biggest worry, by any means.

He'd just better pray that he never runs into any of Lane Watkins army buddies, well... anywhere.

'Cos I'm willing to bet they're gonna be a lot harder to reason with... than little ol' me.

UPDATE: Canadian Cynic responds...

Not, of course, by providing an "address for service"... but by hastily posting "it's all just a big joke."

Yeah... it's a riot, CC.

Just like your buddy Lindsay's little online rape fantasy.

I can see why you two get along so well.



Anonymous said...

Where can I obtain your photograph and identifying information? Oh right, you hide it.

Neo Conservative said...

"oblivious, self-righteous cc, posting anonymously says... Oh right, you hide it."

oh, yeah... ya got me.


Anonymous said...

I'm not cc. I'm also not a blogger who claims the moral high road while hiding from the people he claims to be better than.

Answer me this neo, if you find Canadian Cynic's anonymonity so offensive, why not set the example and tell us a little more about yourself?

Are you afraid?

Anonymous said...

TangoJuliette sez:


Whut in blazes is going on here? If L. Stewart is the fellow I'm thinking it is, a few points.

UNO!] Like me, he's nowhere close to being "pretty." Not even for an Ape - regardless how great a shave he sports. This is probably just another of his "Little Lies." But it is one that I'm not buying. BTW: I've got one of the original versions of his little lies.

DUO!] Nobody is gonna need "Army Buddies" to manhandle the Stewie-meister. Not unless L.S. has taken up the art of hand to hand combat. In any case, he'd still be giving away a hellish lot of advantage in the areas of age, weight, stamina and reach. Not to mention age.

TREY!] I don't think that there's enough Tomato-Dill soup around to bulk him up fast enough for combat. Not EVEN if the soup were hyper-laced with Steroids on Speed.

QUATRO!] I see strange visions: I'm visualizing Lindsay in a woolen condom, [which back 'home might be called a toque,] his trows down 'round his ankles, him tripping over his tongue, trying to nail Ann Coulter? Nyuk-nyuk nyuk. C'mon. Get real. Can you sing Woolie-Woolie?

Personally, I'd be betting the farm on Anorexic Annie! Hell! Even at 38.7146 Kg, she'd wipe the floor with my brilliant pal.




Neo Conservative said...

"anony-mouse squeaks... while hiding from the people"

like i said... oblivious.


Anonymous said...

Why not forward CC's writings to the closest Canadian Armed Forces Base for their entertainment?

Neo Conservative said...

"anon asks... Why not forward CC's writings to the closest Canadian Armed Forces Base..."

my guess is it's already been done. even pinko-licker kinsella was appalled by the wanda watkins thing.

and cc's no fool... why do you think he's so shit scared of being outed?

otoh... it simply hasn't occurred to cc's pretty little shaved ape that he is the default conduit to anyone looking to find the cynical one.

a couple of laine watkins buddies decide to have a talk with psa... he'd dime cc out in a heartbeat.