21 May 2008

No Sugar Tonight...

Love the pejorative term used here... but I'm guessing the teams with the Customs & Immigration raid jackets weren't having much success.

-- OTTAWA -- The Harper government is deploying ***clandestine teams*** to fan out across foreign countries and gather raw information about elaborately staged phony weddings aimed at duping Canadian immigration officials.

The teams, which comprise up to five people, are part of a wider bid by the Department of Citizenship and Immigration to crack down on marriages of convenience as immigrant communities warn that thousands of foreign fraudsters are leaving lonely Canadians broke and broken-hearted.
Clandestine teams, huh?

Kinda conjures up images of... oh, i dunno... "soldiers with guns"... "in our streets."


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A Brampton woman charged with conspiracy in the murder of her Canadian ex-boyfriend in India brought her brother – also charged in the murder – to Canada with the aid of a fake passport, an assumed name and a fraudulent marriage, Indian police are alleging.

LAST WORD: Sounds stupid... but it worked
When Canadian immigration officials in New Delhi began to notice the same guests appearing in photos of different weddings submitted as evidence for sponsoring overseas brides and grooms to Canada, an alarm went off.

"At a price, you could get packaged services with a wedding ceremony where people stand in as guests and relatives, posing for photos as in a real marriage."


J-Vo said...

Is this sort of like "Wedding Crashers" gone wild. I think it's a great idea.

I am watching Harper closely. He gets a thumbs up on this move.

How about crashing the CHRC Mr. Harper. They are duping all of us.

Neo Conservative said...

"john west says... How about crashing the CHRC Mr. Harper..."

well... if it's any comfort, john... sitemeter tells me someone from the "privy council office"... just perused this post.