19 May 2008

Your petrie dish or mine?

-- LONDON -- Britain's Parliament Monday backed the creation of human-animal embryos, which some scientists say are vital to research cures for diseases but critics argue pervert the course of nature.

The vote means Britain retains its status as a world leader in stem-cell research. Human-animal embryo research is banned in some countries including Australia, France, Germany and Italy.

Parliament defeated an amendment to ban inter-species research – in which human DNA is injected into cells derived from animals – by 336 to 176 after hours of impassioned debate on ethics versus science.

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I'm with you future-boy... I can't wait for an ape-human hybrid that can wash cars, fetch beers and run a lawn tractor.


RightGirl said...

Don't we have Mexicans for that?


Rose said...

No rightgirl we don't, I've been looking for a second husband for two years to mow the lawn and fix stuff but all I've been offered to date (Tim Hortons) is a horse that will eat my lawn. Really.

What has this country come to when a lass can't find an able bodied man to fix stuff and mow her lawn for free food. No takers.

Neo Conservative said...

sorry, rg... not gettin' it.

that's a joke?