31 May 2008

It's not... we're not...

And forgive me, Pastor Meikle... you're just nuts...

"It's everybody's responsibility," Audette Shephard, co-chairman of United Mothers Opposing Violence Every where said yesterday. "We are accountable -- whether you're pink, yellow, green or red."

"We've got to find a way to connect with that culture."
It's past time to flush all that airy-fairy politically correct nonsense down the toilet. It most assuredly doesn't "take a village" to figure out what's happening here.

And hey... "that culture"... in case you're forgetting... murders anybody that gets in its way.

I've got an idea... let's ask somebody who's got a firmer grip on reality...
"Young black men continue to kill and, for the most part, shoot young black men at an alarming rate," Toronto Police Staff-Insp. Brian Raybould said. "It's worse than disturbing."

"The beat goes on. Day after day, year after year, we keep having this happen."
Gear up, ladies... 'cos it's pay me now... or pay me later.


UPDATED: SURPRISE!!! -- Grab another body bag
A man was shot and killed in the city’s east end last night.

The shooting occurred in a home on Parma Ct., near Victoria Park Ave. and Eglinton Ave. E., just before midnight on Friday, police say.

The victim was pronounced dead at the scene.
Third shooting death... in three days.

Not the Klan... not the cops... who could be responsible?
"Shootings are commonplace, they said, in this close-knit, but rough housing project; two years ago a man was killed a couple of streets away."
A close-knit OK Corral, huh?

It's a mystery.



Fenris Badwulf said...

If you are not satisfied that the Klan and white privilege are responsible, then we should fund a study to discover ways of making convincing advertising and a sure fire telemarketing script to raise money to fund a working group that addresses this very issue.

Neo Conservative said...

i've often thought it would be illuminating to have the centrefold of the newspaper devoted to all of toronto's murder victims.

on one side the faces of the victims... and on the other, the faces of the perps.

don't imagine we'll ever see that.


Anonymous said...

nothing can be done about black men shooting each other

Neo Conservative said...

"anon says... nothing can be done..."

that shows what you know.

just wait until mayor miller chases the last olympic target shooter outta town... then you'll see, well... that's where super dave kinda loses me... but you'll see somethin'.

the mayor said so.