05 May 2008

I can answer that one

The Toronto Star is, yet again, attempting to spin fuzzy-bunny gold... out of moldy, old straw...

And, did White intend to take his life? Or, as his family believes, were his actions an effort to ease the pain experienced from withdrawal?
Sorry folks... as hard as it is to lose a friend, or family member... this guy killed himself.

And, trust me... no amount of pickin' at the raw, weeping scab... which the Toronto Red Star apparently prides itself on... is gonna make this thing better.

Let's face it... if you use the words "junkie" and "harm reduction" in the same sentence... you're probably high.


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On May 2, a crowd of about 800 assembled on campus, disrupted a dance in a university hall, smashed the windows of the ROTC building, and threw lighted railroad flares inside.

The building burned to the ground.

A professor who watched the arson later told the Scranton commission, which investigated the shooting and the events leading up to it, "I have never in my 17 years of teaching seen a group of students as threatening, or as arrogant, or a bent on destruction."

The Guard, consisting of a hundred men surrounded by rioters shouting obscenities and chanting "Kill, kill, kill," were under a constant barrage of rocks, chunks of concrete and cinderblock, and canisters. Fifty-eight Guardsmen were injured by thrown objects. Several of them were knocked to the ground.

The Guardsmen retreated up the hill, appearing frightened, and then some of them suddenly turned and fired for thirteen seconds.

The firing was apparently spontaneous rather than ordered.
Yup... I guess the answer "was blowin' in the wind."