07 February 2008

That's funny...

There's absolutely no mention of Jean Chretien intervening... to get Ahmed Said Khadr's late terrorist ass... freed from a Pakistani prison.
After living unhappily in Canada — which the writer calls "a dirty swamp" — for 10 years, Khadr returned to Pakistan during the mid-1980s. While there, he worked for a Canadian government-backed charity called Human Concern International, says the account.

Khadr later formed his own charity, returning to Canada from time to time to collect money for the Afghan jihad against the Soviets.

In 1992 he stepped on a landmine, paralyzing a hand and a foot, and returned to Canada for one year for medical care and to recuperate.
So, objectively... this was actually just another case of state-subsidized terror.

Nice work if you can get it.


Imagine if you will: teenaged white kids are caught up in some skinhead group. Their parents are neo-nazis as well. Dad and the boys head out to Zimbabwe to fight Mugabe. Dad is killed, and the boyos are wounded and captured.

How many Toronto Star editorials would be written to get the kids back to Canada?

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