01 October 2006

Revenge of the Newfies

"Sure dem boys from up alon' thinks we sounds foolish," says a booming male character, played by Newfoundland stage actor Chuck Herriot.

"This is how marketing people from Ontario think people from Newfoundland speak," replies a soothing feminine voice. They think it's cute to make fun of the way we talk . . . we think they're cute too - in a Dalton McGuinty, kind of nondescript way."

The 30-second spot, which has been running on local radio stations for two weeks, was done after Nissan's ad caused a stir in the province for its portrayal of a fast-talking car salesman lampooning a Newfoundland accent.

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Jacques Beau Vert said...

I didn't think the Nissan ad was remotely offensive. I just this morning heard an Ikea ad on the radio with the faux-Swedish guy putting on a gay manner to pretend being a designer. Swedes don't protest Ikea, I don't hear any gays upset over this ad - what's the big deal over this Nissan spot?

Neo Conservative said...

"But much of the negative reaction was generated because the company had selected a Cape Breton actor to portray the salesman, Fitzgerald said."

The ad itself was pretty inane... I think a lot of people were pissed because they used an actor from Cape Breton instead of a newfy.