29 October 2006

A Tale of Two Cities

With apologies to Charles Dickens, let's take a look at two cities and see how they stack up... threatwise.

First, there is Uruzgan, a sleepy little burg outside of Kabul, Afghanistan.

Kabul — A roadside blast killed one NATO soldier and wounded eight other troops in Uruzgan, on Sunday. Three civilians were wounded. The nationalities of the slain and wounded soldiers were not disclosed by the alliance.

Meanwhile, NATO and Afghan troops battled a large group of insurgents who attacked a military base in southern Afghanistan, killing 55 suspected militants, the alliance said Sunday.
Although it is always sad when one of our guys is killed, you notice that NATO soldiers, in turn, dispatched 55 jihadis on the 'soul train' to nirvana.

Then, there is Edmonton, Alberta in multicultural, thoroughly urban Canada.
EDMONTON — Three people are dead and another is seriously injured after a nightclub shooting in Edmonton early Sunday morning.

A third man who was injured later died in hospital and a fourth person is in hospital in serious condition.
Now, on the very day that there were any number of marches protesting the war in Afghanistan, we continue to kick ass at the rate of 50 terrorists for every NATO casualty.

At the same time, we have 3 dead in one of Canada's largest cities while the Liberal and NDP opposition parties continue to stall the "get tough on crime" legislation that the Harper Conservatives are trying to pass in the House of Commons.

What the hell has happened to independent thought in this country? Let's get our priorities straight before we all drown in the muck of political correctness.

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Canadian Salmon said...

I know what the problem is. No One wants to admit the fact that Islamofascism is the problem.
The direct result of opposing freedom of speech and freedom to practice any religion in a state other than that of Islam. Islam wants to rule the world there is no question about that. To oppose it you and I are opposing G)Ds will.
I however disagree with them. I am not afraid to post my views either. Islam is nothing more than another fascist religious lifestyle like that of Nazism. They want to kill off anyone who doesnt think like them. EOS.

Neo Conservative said...

it has been labelled "creeping sharia" by mark steyn in his new book, "america alone". he posits that europe is already lost.

lets's hope enough people over here pull their heads out of their asses... or we're done too.