25 October 2006

"Less jail, more hugs", say Liberals

Here's an experiment.

The next time someone tells you that there is less street crime nowadays, ask them if they leave their doors unlocked overnight. Ask them if they have a security system for their home, or in their cars. Ask them if they let their kids wander around the neighbourhood, like I used to do when I was a kid.

Remember this moment, the next time you read about someone being victimised by thugs.

One of the Conservative government's key law-and-order initiatives has been dealt a critical blow by opposition parties, who have effectively gutted a bill that would have severely curtailed the use of house arrest and jailed about 5,500 more people annually.
And next time around, unless you feel that Belinda & "Puppygate" is the most important issue facing Parliament these days, give Stephen Harper a majority government, so we can toughen up the ridiculously "soft on crime" legislation we have in this country.

Because, if it happens to you or your family, you don't get to pause, rewind and re-record your lives.

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Mike said...

As I said elsewhere, I live in Ottawa and I have left my windows open and my door unlocked at night. My kids run around the nieghbourhood at will, just like I used to do.

Crime is near a 30 year low in this country and is significanly lower than 10, 20 and even 30 years ago.

That you simply choose not to beleive these facts shows only that you are a non-thinking coward that would give up your freedom for some temporary safety. You deserve niether.

John M Reynolds said...

I don't know where Neo Conservative lives, but in my neighborhood is not that bad. The worst that has happened in the past couple of years is a few pumpkins were smashed. Although, I do usually lock my doors as I suspect Mike does. Locking of doors is just a prudent deterrent. They won't help if a thief who is determined to enter the premises. My neighbour's house was broken into about 7 years ago. A back yard basement window was the point of entry. The intruder took off as soon as it was noticed that the old lady was at home. No other houses were broken into.

I am curious though. The gutting of the bill will allow "most car thefts, arson, break and enter and theft over $5,000" crimes to be eligible for house arrest. Are the 5,500 people, that will remain on house arrest each year, performing such types of crime while on house arrest? Are they performing any crimes while on house arrest? The opposition seem to be altering the bill such that the changes will be done in small steps. The story says that 15,500 or so people annually get house arrest. This time, only about 1,000 of those 15,500 convicted criminals will lose their eligibility. This will make a good election platform for the Conservatives, but even it it did pass, it would not have altered peoples' door locking habits.

Neo Conservative said...

mike said, "you are a non-thinking coward".

gee mike, how could i possibly rebut such a lucid, cohesive argument?

oh yeah, the quote you mangled... "those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety" which is sometimes attributed to ben franklin, probably was more about sucking up to king george than letting criminals run free in society.

not really your fault, i guess made for tv 'spy thrillers' don't usually supply the context.

good luck with that "finally getting a federal ndp government elected".

Neo Conservative said...

"John M Reynolds said... I don't know where Neo Conservative lives, but in my neighborhood is not that bad."

like real estate, a lot of crime is about "location, location, location". but i'm sure if i delved into that more fully, mike would be back ranting about racism.

i'm out in the country now, which has it's own issues, but when i was in toronto, i had to call 911 on one occasion when the local miscreants decided to empty their saturday night specials into the hillside as they drove up rosedale valley road one night. there is no local immunity from crime... and i'm guessing jane creba's parents derive scant comfort from someone's warm, fuzzy statistics.

my point is that house arrest is useless... if someone commits a crime, let them experience the associated punishment.

sure, it costs more... but i'd rather spend my money on that, than sending members of the senate on expense paid vacations to dubai.

Rue St. Michel said...

Here in the US, the fact is that crime reductions occur because of two primary factors: 1. more police on the streets, 2. tougher enforcement and imprisonment.

Any other Liberal machinations are nothing more than mental masturbation.

Read Freakonomics - it's a great read and offers tremendous insight into some of our society's biggest issues.

And while Mike's hard at regurgitating terminology from the Federalist Papers era, how about adding this one to your arsenal: "A Liberal is just a Conservative who hasn't been mugged yet."