20 October 2006

Another reason to scrap the Senate

The Senate committee that blew big bucks on a weeks stay in a luxury hotel in Dubai after claiming that their trip into Afghanistan was cancelled, "at the last minute" has been caught in a lie.

Senator Colin Kenny, the committee chair, was told it was impossible to travel to Afghanistan before the four senators left Ottawa.

A document obtained by CTV News shows the military met with Kenny in his office on Sept. 2 -- one week before the senators reached Dubai.
It's far past time to shut down this luxurious Retirement Vacation Home for broken down political hacks and bagmen.

You'll recall that Liberal Senator Colin Kenny is the guy with personalised senate plates on his Jaguar, who wants to raise Senators office budgets from $135,000 to $200,000.

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James Higham said...

But if you run a mono-cameral legislature, you run the risk of the Liberals controlling it.

Agent Banana said...

Uh oh.

Neo Conservative said...


despite the original intent, the senate has outlived its usefulmess and is now simply heaven on earth for party hacks. it is time to do away with it.

Neo Conservative said...

dear banana,

they lied to the taxpayers to try justify jetting to dubai.

these guys pissed away $150,000 of taxpayer money on this stupid junket... you want to quibble over each line item of the week in dubai? it's disgraceful and it's wrong and if colin kenny has his way they'll get $200,000 a year just for office expenses. put a stake through it's heart and bury it.

give me a reason to keep this dinosaur.

Anonymous said...

You are a fool. That CTV story is complete bullshit. On the one hand people such as yourself argue that the Senate does nothing, bt yet when a Senate committee does its work in studying important things like port security/the use of development funds in Kanadahar, not to mention the increasingly difficult mission in Afghanistan, the same people say that they are wasting our money. My suggestion to you is to stop blindly believing what CTV tells you and read Colin Kenny's work. But I wouldn't expect that you would take the time to do that before commenting...

Neo Conservative said...

alex... you start out by calling me a name and then allege that something is "complete bullshit" without specifically naming, never mind proving, that your allegation has substance. you then wrap up by trying to make an argument without giving one example of what you are very bolding asserting is the actual truth.

does that usually work for you?