15 October 2006

You know who scares me?

I've gotta say, as a Conservative, there's one person in the Liberal leadership roundup who scares me a bit, and that's... Martha Hall-Findlay.

Hall-Findlay, the only woman left in the race, broke up the tense exchange.

"Gentlemen," she interjected. "If I may, I recognize that this makes great television, but we are Liberals and we have a job to do."
After watching open-mouthed as the rest of these flapdoodles are soliciting the dead, gibbering on about non-existent war crimes, or running around naked in public... I'm tellin' ya, if I was a Fiberal, Martha's starting to look pretty damn beatific.

UPDATE: 16 Oct 2006 - Don Martin calls a winner
So the winner? Well, given the debate highlight was between two Liberal heavyweights accusing each other of being dithering liars on a key policy question heading into the next election, that would be Stephen Harper.

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Jacques Beau Vert said...

Dude, there's hardly any competition - she is a GREAT candidate. I don't know why they're giving her such a poor showing - I'm practically ready to vote for her.

I don't even agree with her on a few key issues, but she is a) honest, which wins me over to any candidate from any party, and b) in it for the right reasons.

I like her a LOT. You are right on.

Neo Conservative said...

jbg... there, you've nailed it.

i like her for the same reason i like stephen harper... she's a genuinely principled, forthright person which has the big red liberal machine scratching its head again.

The Tiger said...

Very much on the left of the Liberal Party -- but then, that's where their strongest support is, after all...

Neo Conservative said...

tiger... do people vote strictly according to idealogy? if so, stephen harper may have boxed himself in a bit.

i don't believe they do... i think people will vote for what they perceive is an honest, reasonable, well-meaning person, which is what should give the conservatives, or if the libs could be honest with themselves, someone like martha, a good chunk of the vote

The Tiger said...

Yes and no. A friendly face will get you a long way, but you've got to be somewhat in touch with your party's base. (As the PCs learnt in 1993.)

Neo Conservative said...

i think what we're talking about here is mostly credibility.

after brian mulroney lost the trust of canadians, he went down in flames. i think people like harper and after they get to know him better, will vote conservative.

Kirk West said...


MHF has the advantage of being in the basement, and can afford to stay above the fray and present real solutions without fear. But if she were a front-runner, she'd be a lot different. A lot different.

Neo Conservative said...

kirk... sadly, you speak a present day truth.

witness the over-the-top street theatre being played out over belinda as canine.