11 October 2006

Stephane Dion capable of shame

In a development that appeared to take his campaign staff totally by surprise, Stephane Dion, in stark contrast to the other Liberal Leadership hopefuls, was seen displaying disturbing vestiges of a moral compass.

Yesterday, Liberal leadership hopeful and former environment minister, Stephane Dion, said he worries the Harper government "will only pretend to do something." Dion actually appeared to blush after he said that. After all, he would know about pretending.

Two weeks ago, Canada's Environment Commissioner came out with a report slamming the Liberals for doing virtually nothing about meeting Kyoto targets or improving the environment.
While none of the Dion staffers was willing to comment on the record, a liberal party insider was quoted as saying there was talk of rushing Mr. Dion back to the "Chretien Center for Mortal Soul Cryonics" located in Shawinigan, Quebec for emergency surgery.

UPDATE: Emergency transfusion saves wavering Dion

Fortunately, like all Liberal candidates, Dion carries around a litre of Jean Chretien's blood for emergency spine-stiffening situations.

The trick, as with most "liberal juju", is not administering an overdose...
Referring to NATO and Canadian military commanders who declared victory in a recent military engagement against the Taliban, he said: "We see now that we won nothing . . . There is no way we can win this war."
When a reporter attempted to ask the candidate a followup question as he was leaving the room, Dion started screaming, "De troot is de troot!!!"... grabbing the unfortunate scribe by the head and throwing him to the floor.

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Vek said...

Oh yes, Dion the hypocrite, environmentalist when in opposition, smog-breathing dragon when in government.

Neo Conservative said...

dion. when it absolutely, positively has to change 180 dgrees by tomorrow morning.

Layla said...

"De troot is de troot!!!" <<< I loved that! hahaha.....
oh yes, the lying Dion....It's what

I've expected ever since the convention, and I don't expect that to change.

It's too bad I know liberals that support him...I feel bad for them!

Neo Conservative said...

Bill Graham and the Liberals are trying to find out how Prime Minister Stephen Harper is making all these decisions without polling the shit out of the matter beforehand.

"There's gotta be some secret", bewildered Lib operators are saying. "Does he have a thousand citizens locked up and instantly available to answer his diabolical questions? Is he flipping a loonie?

When told that Harper was simply making decisions based on principle, bewildered Libs were seen huddling and muttering in Ottawa nightspots... trying to crack the code behind this mysterious concept.

vicki said...

That G&M headline has "Conservations" intead of Conservatives...too funny.
No mention of Dion's welcome party in Alberta...that is too funny also.

Neo Conservative said...

vote dion... for the appearance of doing something... without the actual work.