13 October 2006

Re-emergence of Rattus Liberalis

It saddens me to report that there's been another serious outbreak of Rattus Liberalis, this time affecting the Bob Rae campaign.

Ignatieff Operations Director Sachin Aggarwal's attack on Iggy's former university roommate, is seen as an especially decency-resistant strain of the disease.

OTTAWA — The Liberal leadership race is getting ugly with Michael Ignatieff's camp urging the party to negate most of chief rival Bob Rae's delegate support in British Columbia.

In an appeal filed Friday and obtained by The Canadian Press, Mr. Ignatieff operations director Sachin Aggarwal accuses Mr. Rae's senior B.C. organizer of perpetrating "systematic fraud" during the sign-up of potential delegates in the province.
The Rae organisation is dismayed that the virulent nature of the latest attack may simply be an attempt to deflect attention from the recent "Iggy gets jiggy with Islam" brouhaha.
Mr. Rae's camp reacted to the appeal, and its leak to CP, with barely restrained fury.

"All campaigns should work through the processes set up to examine such claims rather than simply go to the media with appeals filled with hyperbole and allegations not rooted in the rules," said Alex Swann, a Rae campaign spokesman.

He said the timing of the appeal is "odd if not suspicious," coming just as Mr. Ignatieff is mired in controversy after accusing Israel of war crimes.

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Winnipeg Liberal said...

Kennedy and Dion have joined the appeal.

Ignatieff's camp said they didn't leak it - the appeal memo is distributed to all camps, as per party rules, so the leak could have come from anyone.

It was filed on Friday because there is a 72-hour window to file an appeal and the decision appealed from was made on Wednesday.

Steve Janke was blogging about this a week before the MSM picked up the story. He points out that the rules don't appear to let the party appoint replacement delegates when the original delegates are disqualified.

Dion, Kennedy and Ignatieff are asking the party to abide by the rules. The Rae camp wants the party to bend the rules.

Anonymous said...

Sounds a bit like Ohio to me.