02 October 2006

Only at the CBC

We should have seen this coming.

Zarqa Nawaz wants to put "the fun back in fundamentalist".

The CBC has quietly ordered eight episodes of a promising -- but potentially politically controversial -- new sitcom, Little Mosque on the Prairie, about a fictional Muslim family living in rural Saskatchewan. But instead of hoisting pitchforks, rolling down hills and selling eggs at Oleson's General store like Michael Landon's Ingalls family, this transplanted clan will be trying to interact with the denizens of a little Prairie town in a post Sept. 11 world.
My wife is convinced this is a joke... but I'm just waiting for episodes of "My Three Martyrs" and "Survivor - Gaza Strip".

So who is the genius behind this potentially explosive hit?
A former CBC radio and television producer heavily into satire, Nawaz's films include BBQ Muslims (a five-minute comedy about two brothers who are suspected of being terrorists after their barbecue blows up, shown at the Toronto International Film Festival in 1996) and Real Terrorists Don't Belly Dance.

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The Tiger said...

I'm always suspicious of the CBC, but isn't that something that really ought to get made fun of, anyway?

After all, a work isn't really newsworthy until it draws its first death threat!

Neo Conservative said...

interesting... sort of like a politically incorrect emmy.

we should have a contest to determine what to call it... too bad fatwa is already taken.

Budd Campbell said...

I hope the series goes ahead, it might be a useful bit of comedy.

Too bad the privately owned broadcasters are too timid and too beholder to advertisers to attempt this kind of thing. Congradulations to the CBC, faults and all.