28 October 2006

No Fare

It's too late, the war is already here.

UPDATE: Media claims "relatively calm" night in France.

Yeah, sure... maybe compared to the siege of Stalingrad.

Of course, France does have a longstanding and shameful history of raising the white flag to anyone who appears to be a threat. I can't think of anywhere else in the world, where you could have 300 cars torched by angry Muslim mobs in one night and still try to pass it off as a public nuisance.

Marauding youths torched two public buses, and in troubled neighborhoods around the country, youths set fire to a total of 277 vehicles, police said. On an average night in France, up to 100 cars are torched by bands of youths. In a statement, the Interior Ministry described the night as "relatively calm."
Maybe Taliban Jack can organise a neighbourhood watch to deal with the problem when it hits Canadian shores.

UPDATE: 29 Oct 2006 - Relatively calm, my french-fried ass
Three or four young people burst onto the bus and tossed in a bottle of flammable liquid before fleeing, police said, citing witnesses' accounts. A fire started, seriously injuring a 26-year-old woman who suffered second- and third-degree burns on her arms, legs and face.

The woman was breathing Sunday with help from a respirator, the Marseille hospital system said. Doctors were deeply worried about lung damage from smoke. Three other people also were treated for smoke inhalation, police said. The bus was destroyed, and bus service was suspended in Marseille.
Remember that old war movie they'd show occasionally on late night weekends, "Is Paris Burning?"

My gut says, it soon will be.

LAST WORD: It'll have to be someone else, I'm speechless
You run from police...You accidentally get electrocuted while hiding from police at an electrical substation...You get a monument built in your honor!
h/t Kathy S.

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Tim said...

If 300 torchings is "a relatively calm night" I would hate to see one that is not relatively calm. If Jack were able to organize anything, you would think he would do better at the poles wouldn't ya. Now that I think about it...the two are very much the same. The word coward comes to mind....

Rue St. Michel said...

Il rafraîchit pour trouver un canuck qui écrit avec l'intelligence et une perspicacité aiguisée dans les dilemmes de Canada!

With Muslim populations in certain parts of France reaching upwards of 30% now, their "hands-off" policy of policing is only going to exacerbate the problems. The political correctness needs to end and the police need to step up and be allowed to do their jobs - with military support if necessary. Sadly France has been so denuded and emasculated, I feel there is little hope that they'll wake up in time to avert a disaster.

Thanks for visiting my blog. I enjoyed yours too..

Coach Mark said...

"Calm..." (shaking head in disbelief at foolish...well...nevermind)...112 a day average torching so far this year...maybe that day was calm...not much confort though.

Coach Mark said...

OH, yeah...thanks for visiting my blog. And, by the way, I add the links of commenters on my favorites lists, so yours is going on.

Venjanz said...

Nice post!

BTW has anybody else been getting this error?

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Syd Kilbey said...

Thanks for the comment, and thank for reading The Rest Of The News.

ttueoop said...

I always find it amusing when France downplays their internal strife and violence so they can appear politically correct to the rest of the world. At least, that's what I used to believe, that they were toning everything down to appear politically correct--- actually I truly believe the French are afraid of what would happen to their nation as they now know it if they were to be fully candid, publicly admonishing those who are responsible and exercising the appropriate authority and force to correct the problems at hand. I think they know they're now backed into a corner with nowhere to turn.

It's a very sobering situation they've allowed themselves to get into.

to the utmost extent of our power

ttueoop said...


Yes, I was getting that error message yesterday when trying to update my blog. I just had to work through it.

to the utmost extent of our power

Neo Conservative said...

thx for your comments. i do make a point of visiting the sites of all who comment here.

what i find most alarming about the situation in france is the tendency to let complacency & political correctness overwhelm common sense.

when you have someone like taliban jack rousing all the young latent lefties, it further muddies the waters.

this could very easily happen in canada, though on a lesser scale, thank goodness.

it worries me.