05 October 2019

You ever notice that Canadian...

...sex traffickers are never-ever named Bob or Fred?insert alt text hereAre caucasian men being shut out of the uber-lucrative street-level "sexual procurement" industry?

I'm smelling a "Human Rights" complaint here...

Abhilash Baiju, 27 years old, is charged with procuring, material benefit from sexual services, advertising another person’s sexual services and obtaining sexual services for consideration, police said.

Rajat Banga, the 21-year-old first suspect, was arrested and charged on Sept. 17.
Think I'm exaggerating? Think again.

One and a two and a three.

(nota bene... Upset about the image in this post?
Just promise me you won't tell Justin.)


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That's a new one on me... I mean... I've heard of "deaf culture" and "gay culture"... but who would want to have this on their C.V.?
Hey, I'm just a dumb honkie... what do I know.


LAST WORD: Justin Liberals won't release Canuck stats
"Just under 90 per cent of the asylum seekers who came to Sweden at the height of the migrant crisis and have gained permanent residency are unemployed."