05 October 2019

Don't take my word for it...

...ask the Globe & Mail...insert alt text here

Mahan Singh is still appalled that a country like Canada allows reckless trucking companies to send nervous, unprepared newcomers like him out on the highway.

“Everything is supposed to be by the rules in Canada,” he says, “but then, when I start work, I
find out there are no rules.”
I touched on this back in June 2018...

You're at the helm of the wheeled equivalent of a battleship... who needs English?
Const. Zafar Kazmi asked Saini [in Hindi] if he was aware he’d entered a construction zone and traffic had stopped. “No, no,” he replied. “There was no signs at all.
So said unilingual septuagenarian big-rig driver Mohinder Singh Saini after killing four innocent people.