04 October 2019

Infamous Nazi-hunter Ralph Goodale...

...turns his almighty wrath upon GI-Joe... not to mention the Marvel Cinematic Universe...insert alt text here

“There are advertisements and videos that imply that we can be GI Joe on our main street,” minister Ralph Goodale said of the Liberal platform’s vague reference to “limit the glorification of violence by changing the way firearms are advertised, marketed and sold in Canada.”
Uh, Ralphie... care to give us an (Canadian, please) example?

Here's a thought... how about nipping thuggery in the bud...
Peel Regional Police say they have charged a 16-year-old boy with murder after he allegedly stabbed 63-year-old Glensbert Oliver who confronted him for breaking into his car.
Drop this murderous wannabe thug into a real prison... instead of 6 months in a vacation home for wayward teenagers.