02 October 2019

Phallus in Bangerland

The 24/7 Jane-Finch dick-measuring extravaganza continues apace... another double-double... the city’s 52nd and 53rd murders of the year.toronto's most wanted

While they were investigating the shooting of a 16-year-old boy on Driftwood Avenue, officers heard multiple gunshots nearby and raced over to a townhouse complex on Grandravine Drive where they found two males suffering from life-threatening gunshot wounds in the courtyard of a housing complex.

Both males were rushed to hospital in critical condition and died of their injuries.

No suspect description has been released.
And not a farmer, hunter, skeet shooter or AR15 in sight.

UPDATE: Two latest murdered identified
On Wednesday, police identified them as Delauntae Bryant, 24, and Eric Rowe, 20.


Apparently cops have conclusively ruled out Mummy & Daddy as the shooters...insert alt text here
“He was well loved by his family, a family guy.”
FWIW, in the customary trip to hardbitten Cliche City... and despite the fact that he was shot and discarded like the proverbial pillowcase of carelessly drowned kittens... ol' Amir was also "getting his life back together."