07 October 2019

Dems step on their own dicks...

...one more time...insert alt text here

House Democrats have ignored historical precedent and political decorum by not holding an official impeachment vote in their fight to remove President Trump from office, said "Fox News Sunday" host Chris Wallace this week.

"Wait, wait, wait," Wallace shot back.

"Congresswoman, you say there’s no precedent."

"In both the Bill Clinton case and the Richard Nixon case there was a clear precedent."
And while we're on precedents...
Following Powell, Burroughs wrote that Harvard was in the clear because it treated race as “an important consideration” that “never becomes the defining feature” of an applicant.

One problem: If being black or Hispanic or Native American is a plus for the admissions office, it has to be decisive in some cases. If it is never decisive, it isn’t really a plus.