07 October 2019

♫ I's the Mum'bai that builds the ships...♫

♫...I's the b'ye that sails her / I's the b'ye that catches the fish / And brings 'em home to Lizer...♫

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Its explosive growth triggered a local housing shortage, and forced the university to hire more staff and hunt for additional class space. The university even had to buy the town more buses.

"To put this in perspective, we increased the population in Cape Breton county by about three to four per cent last year, overnight.”

No other Canadian university has crossed the 50 per cent foreign-student threshold.
It gets better... by which I mean worse...
There have also been issues with what the school calls “academic integrity.”

A number of staff say there have been issues with students who seem unfamiliar with Canadian standards for academic citation.