04 October 2019

Yes, Alex... I'll take...

..."Dumb as Dogshit" for $500...insert alt text here

Sources close to the investigation told CTV News Toronto that 20-year-old Eric Rowe was one of the three gunman involved in the shooting just south of the Jane and Finch Mall, but his accomplices may have accidentally shot him before fleeing the area.
Yeah, I wouldn't rule out this knucklehead accidentally shooting and killing himself just yet.


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A man was killed and a woman wounded when gunfire erupted in a residential neighbourhood southwest of Mulock Dr. and Yonge St. in Newmarket Friday night. There was reportedly a large crowd in the area when the shooting unfolded.
A large crowd, but no witnesses.


LAST WORD: It just seems unfathomable to us.”
“You don’t want to have a situation where members of the victims’ families are bumping into him when he’s on a community outing,” said forensic psychologist Dr. Patrick Baillie.

“That would be particularly distressing for them, and probably for Matthew as well.”