03 October 2019

How can cops protect citizenry...

...when they can't protect themselves?

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A deranged employee went on a stabbing spree inside Paris police headquarters Thursday, fatally stabbing four officers before being shot dead.

The suspect, believed to be a disgruntled deaf administrative employee, managed to grab a firearm before he was gunned down, a police union official told The Telegraph.

A fifth person has been hospitalised in a critical condition.

The attack came a day after almost 30,000 police staged a "march in anger" in Paris over working conditions, low morale and a spike in police suicides.

UPDATE: The other shoe drops...insert alt text here
Michael Harpon, 45, a deaf civilian police worker who had recently converted to Islam was shot dead in Paris after murdering four colleagues with a ceramic knife following a 'dispute over working with female colleagues'.

He had recently been reprimanded by his female boss over his refusal to interact with women, Actu17 reported.

Harpon, who was deaf since childhood, was originally from the Caribbean island of Martinique – a French overseas territory.

UPDATE2: It came totally out of the blue...
The 45-year-old computer technician had tried to justify to a colleague the killings in January 2015 at the magazine Charlie Hebdo and had done the same for other radical Islamist killings.