06 October 2019

I dunno, "Mr I Work For...

...a Conglomerate" that slurps up over a billion dollars in federal subsidies every year...insert alt text hereIs there anything out there on the intertubes that might be making the Boy Emperor feel a little jumpy?insert alt text hereinsert alt text here


Anonymous said...

According to a report in the Buffalo Chronicle, the party is doing everything in its power to suppress a sex scandal involving Trudeau and the daughter of a wealthy Canadian businessman who Trudeau reportedly may have become involved with when she was a student at West Point Grey Academy, a prestigious private school where Trudeau worked as a substitute teacher in his 20s.

The Chronicle's sources claim that political observers had been anticipating an expose in Saturday's Globe and Mail. However, it appears Trudeau and his people have gotten to the woman, and are in the process of negotiating an NDA. The woman is being represented by counsel, and is reportedly being offered monetary compensation.

Neo Conservative said...

if you were a wealthy canadian businessman
and your 17 year-old daughter had been
taken advantage by the future prime minister
the (canadian) world would be your oyster.

what can't this guy ask for?