01 October 2019

Ask a Toronto Police Chief

That was then...

• Dec 2018 • FLIP •

To think we can arrest our way out of this is a falsehood."
insert alt text hereThis is now...

• Sep 2019 • FLOP •
Close to 250 arrests were made in the first six weeks of a project aimed at curbing gang activity in Toronto, police say.

As a Toronto Cop friend of mine said this morning —
"13 people shot this weekend."

"But fortunately no one was carded."

LAST WORD: Justin conjures up a Boogeyman
The main problem with linking these two ideas is that the doctors were talking about dealing with the violence, the pain and the carnage caused by illegal guns wielded by gang members shooting up city streets across the country.

Trudeau’s proposals, meanwhile, only targets law-abiding and licensed gun owners.